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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 21:13


Anyone who accepts and follows the religion of Islam is called Muslim.

All Muslims are equal to one another no matter what race, colour or nationality they belong to.


Our Prophet Muhammad SAW is reported to have said:


“A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands other Muslims are safe”


By this we mean that one Muslim will not harm another Muslim in Any way.


In another words, he will not harm him with his tongue by swearing at him, or being rude to him, or talking bad about him (backbiting) and he will not harm him with his hands by not fighting with him and hurting him.


A Muslim will…

·         Always try to do good

·         Always speak the truth and will not lie

·         Always help others

·         Care for old and poor people

·         Keep away from bad things and will always follow Allah SWT’s commands.

·         Read Salaah regularly, pay Zakaah, fats during the month of Ramadan, perform Hajj when he/ she can afford to and continue to do good deeds.


Most important of all a Muslim is one who is aware of Allah SWT at all times, because he/she knows that Allah SWT is aware of everything that he/she does. In another words he/she will always keep away from bad actions.

We learn that a Muslim is one who submits to and obeys Allah SWT and accepts Islam as the way of life.

We must feel proud to be Muslims and we must thank Allah SWT for blessing us and making us Muslims!



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