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Jamia Hanifia Rizvia Mosque warmly welcomes  visitors of any kind and from any background who wish to learn about Islam or about the Mosque Schools, colleges, universities and other organisations and individuals interested in visiting this historic landmark , can contact us on the following details below:



You can either write to the following address:

The Secretary

Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque

183 - 186 Commercial Road,

Newport, gwent,

South wales,

NP20 2PP

Or you can contact us using the contact us frorm on this website, and Of course you are welcome to visit the mosque whenever we are opened.

Dress code: As the mosque is a place of worship you are humbly requested to dress modestly in the mosque and grounds.

Note: Tours can only be arranged by oppointment only from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm (Monday -  Thursday)

(Imam of the Jamia Mosque can be invited to the School)



o Due respect and calm must be observed at all times
o Mobile Phones must be turned off, and children must be supervised by parents whilst in the Mosque
· Do not shout, yell, curse, raise your voice, use improper language, improper body language, moves or jesters
· Keep the Mosque clean - Spitting in the Mosque is a sin & not allowed
· Avoid passing the worshippers to get a closer place while you are coming late
· Listen to the Khutbah “Quietly” –
Do not talk on Friday prayers whilst the Imam is delivering his Khutbah
· Put your shoes on the racks or in the space provided, do not walk on to the musallah or prayer carpet wearing your shoes
· Do not remove or steal the Sadaqah / Collection box
· Do not destroy, deface or remove the Mosque property
· Do not attract or distract the Imam’s attention by any means and do not correct or interfere with the Khateeb or Imam during the Khutbah, prayer and speech
· Do not harass the sisters or Congregate in the car park outside the entrance to the ladies prayer room
· Do not bring or use illegal drugs or items in the Mosque
· Do not incite hatred of any type with negative propaganda or Congregate in forecourt & car park after prayers
· Please leave the Mosque quietly after prayers, and respect the comfort of our neighbors
· Do not threaten to beat up the administration - or any other member or worshipper of the Mosque
· Religious question to the Imam must be given in writing to him before he reaches his place of prayer or speech
· Due to fire & safety regulations; Park vehicles as requested, do not block entrances or illegally park in immediate streets
· All of the following activities WILL require prior approval (5 days in advance) by the Management
· No individual is allowed to arrange or organize any event and serving of food without prior approval
· No Mosque property can be borrowed, moved or rearranged without the official consent. No items should be left inside or in front of the Mosque including any literature
· If you want to hand something out (literature of any sort) or display something, ask for permission from the Management. If they say “no”, politely walk away and do not attempt to pass out the information anyway
· No individual is allowed to arrange or hold any meetings or gatherings in the Mosque without prior consent by the Management – Please make a request at least 5 days in advance
· No individual is allowed to sell anything on the premises without approval, no solicitation including distribution of material or seeking financial help from the attendees
· A request for any announcement should be made in advance to the Management; the Imam must not be approached before or during the prayer and speech for making an announcement. Unauthorized announcements are not allowed
· No Person is allowed to make any announcement or speech of any type without the prior consent of the Management

· All Questions to the Management should be in writing and appropriately handed to a member of the Management
· Failure To Abide By The Rules of Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque Newport May Result In A Warning / Immediate Suspension of Membership and or a ban from attending Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque Newport / Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque Newport
· Rules for ALL attendees, to maintain the smooth operation of: Jamia Hanfia Rizvia Mosque 183/186 Commercial Road Newport NP20 2PP





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