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The mosques offer weekday after school classes for young children to learn and recite the Holy Quran, the classes are as follows:

Quran and Islamic Studies

(1st session) from 4:30pm – 6:30pm

(2nd session) 6:30pm -7:30pm

Saturday Classes:

Science, Maths, Islamic Studies and Urdu from 11:00am – 2pm


Please click here to download the Jamia Mosque Admission form / Contact Imam Masjid

No child will be allowed to sit in any class without filling admission form)




(Please read carefully before filling admission form)


All admissions take place before of after the class From Mon - Fri. No child will be allowed to sit in any class unless the Educational Administrator or the authorised person has admitted them to the Mosque.


Minimum age requirement is five years. Please bring your child’s birthday Certificate at the time of admission, as you will be asked to verify the child’s age.




Please help us to help your children realize their full potential by ensuring that they attend classes regularly. Children who miss lessons will always be trying to catch up hence holding up their progress. Children who are unable to attend the lessons for a period of one month with out informing the centre (un-authorised absence) will be expelled. They will need to re-admit themselves again.


We require and expect all children to be appropriately dressed at all times.

Preferred dress is shalwar qameez with hat (topi) for boys and shalwar qameez with scarf for the girls. However, full-length julbabs (kurtas) and other loos garments, which preserve modesty,. Strictly NO jeans and T-shirts.


The centre charges a nominal fee to meet the educational expenses incurred; this fee is compulsory and has to be paid by every child. Monthly Fee (non-refundable, always to be paid at the first week of every month): £10

Fees are to be paid on the first of every month, in advance. Please be prompt with the payment of fee as delay causes unnecessary financial burden on the Mosque.

If any child’s fees are in arrears for more than a month he or she will be excluded from the classes until the fees are up to date.


If you are facing financial difficulties, which are making it difficult for you to pay the fees of your children, then we might be able to help you. Management of the centre will be happy to look at your case sympathetically and may give you some concessions.


Kindly keep yourself updated regarding new policies and changes. Jamia Mosque reserves the right to change any policy and any time.



If admission is granted, it will be for a three-month probation period. During this time your child will be under strict scrutiny to ensure they meet the required moral and ethical code. Any disrespect of a member of staff will result in instant expulsion.

Once the probation period is over the child will still need to ensure he or she is behaving in an appropriate manner towards staff and peers alike.

Any bullying or verbal abuse of other children will not be tolerated in the slightest. Please instil into your children the required respect while attending the mosque.




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